Order summary

Plan5 hours of Support
Duration1 month
Sales Tax (18 %)$15.25

1. Any purchases of Hours of Support (HOP) made before 3 PM (UTC-4) start the same day 2. Any purchases of Hours of Support (HOP) made by or after 3 PM (UTC-4) start the next day unless client receive the support the same day of the purchase 3. The plan is valid for 2 months. 4. The remaining hours are not refundable. 5. Unused hours are lost unless the client renews the plan before the first two (2) months expired 6. Parts are not covered. 7. Any time spent by the tech purchasing part for the job is including in the support time. 8. The hours of Support (HOP) can be used either remotely or on-site. The tech will determine the best way to address the situation. 9. The hours Of Support (HOP) are limited to the hours, not the expiration date. However, clients still have until the expiration date to use them. 10. The Hours of Support are limited to 2 computers per individual account. If you need to support more computers, you need to have a business account.

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