Order summary

PlanBasic Remote Desktop
Duration12 months
Sales Tax (18 %)$7.63
Billed monthly for 12 months$49.99

PAYMENT Customer shall pay the Hosting Fee to Danilogy at its address or to Danilogy’s account as permitted on-line on the Hosting Date and on the anniversary date of each subsequent calendar month or year thereafter, all dependent upon the term customer selected at the time of the original sign up except as otherwise approved by Danilogy in writing. Danilogy shall have the right to increase the Hosting Fee on each anniversary of the Term by providing written notice to Customer thirty days in advance of the first day of such Term. Customer shall pay any and all applicable taxes excluding income taxes assessed against Danilogy. Danilogy shall invoice Customer for fees and expenses in connection with the Services. The cust shall pay any such invoice on the due date thereof. In the event Danilogy deactivates the Customer Remote Desktop due to nonpayment of an invoice Danilogy may reactivate the Customer Remote Deskt as requested by Customer and approved by Danilogy upon payment.

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