Information Security Services
Be Shielded

Reducing Business Risks and Ensuring Confidentiality, Compliance, and Business Continuity

As an international IT security services provider, Danilogy offers a complete range of cybersecurity solutions: from analysis of security issues to development of information security management systems, from cybersecurity monitoring to the implementation of real-time security intelligence, and support of complex information security systems. We provide all-around protection of sensitive data, optimize risk management programs, and ensure business continuity for small businesses in the Dominican Republic.

Danilogy’s information security services and proprietary security management tools are certified as reliable and effective by the companies focusing on business cybersecurity. Our services are essentially based on the best practices, provided by the certified professionals and cyber engineers vastly experienced in information security.

Complete Asset Protection

Through our IT security management services, Danilogy ensures complete protection of your applications, products, and infrastructure against cyber threats, possible data leaks, thefts, or disasters. By reducing possible damages and providing full control over privacy and compliance, all your shared data, business intelligence, and other assets can be managed securely without risks. Our services include:  

IT Security Services & Solutions

Security Solution Vendors:


  • Information System Security

  • Windows and Unix Security

  • Website and Web Application Security

  • Network security

  • Wireless Security

  • Critical Asset Security

  • Staff Security

  • Infrastructure Security

Cyber Security Solutions:

  • Network Firewalls

  • Intrusion Prevention Systems

  • Internet Traffic Protection Systems

  • Antivirus Enterprise Systems

  • Security Event Monitoring Systems

  • Identity & Access Management Systems

  • Protected Remote Access